"Sakurasakukoro"(When cherry blossoms bloom) composed by Chino Yoshio :

Before Dawn

"Before Dawn" composed by Chino Yoshio : Violin,Viola by MIZ : Cello by asuton

Stay in Touch

"Stay in Touch (1minute piano version)" by Chino Yoshio :

Ginger Tea

"Ginger Tea" composed by Chino Yoshio :


"Refresh" composed by Chino Yoshio :

Scene 11

Scene 11 composed by Chino Yoshio.1 minute.

Two Years

"Two Years" composed by Chino Yoshio

Near 100 Yen Bridge

Near 100 Yen Bridge,composed by Chino Yoshio.


Super Cool Biz

"Super Cool Biz" composed by Chino Yoshio.“Super Cool Biz” means we can wear cool outfits in the office instead of setting air conditioner to 28℃ in the summer.We needed this super cool biz because of the power shortage after Eastern Japan earthquake.

Silent Night

Silent Night,arranged by Chino Yoshio.Silent Night is a popular Christmas carol.

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