For Blue Monday

"For Blue Monday" by Chino Yoshio


Wintersweet by Chino Yoshio.
My diary of Feburary 3rd.

The Song Impressing Someone Someday (いつか心の中で響く歌).
Composed by Naoto Takebayashi.
Arranged by Chino Yoshio
Vocal by kayumai



Stay in Touch

”Stay in Touch”  
Piano:Chino Yoshio
wav file download

 "Affection" Written by Chino Yoshio
Violin by MIZ
Violin Sheet
Piano Track
wav file download

Relax 2015 Full Album remastered version by Chino Yoshio

Mode not Mode

Mode not Mode by Chino Yoshio.
I wrote this music when I was at college.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips by Chino Yoshio.
my diary

Small Garden

Small Garden by Chino Yoshio.

Scene 7

Scene 7 by Chino Yoshio.

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